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May 8, 2019 Update Details

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Data Upload Maintainer improved to better support scheduling an upload from the server.
Auto Refresh in reports improved to better support values greater than 999.
m-Power improved to better catch for invalid spaces when creating a new dictionary.
m-Power enhanced to include customizable runtime pages to catch for 404 and 500 errors.
Grid Add Maintainer improved to better support after add action redirects.
Grid Add Maintainer enhanced to pass parameter value from URL to new rows added after page load.
DX Datasets enhanced to allow fields to be hidden at the subtotal level via the Column Display Type application property.
Erroneous 'Data Views' privilege removed from developer privileges screen.
Grid Update Maintainer improved when utilizing a Radio Button option list.
m-Power improved to better support joining tables over a field containing 'ATTR'.
Bootstrap Grid Update Maintainer properties updated to reflect non-support of column reordering.
m-Power Messaging and Scheduled Task utility changes to no longer use HTTP for calls.
m-Power improved to better support using text field properties when 'Display filters above table' is enabled.
Form Designer improved to better support inserting a field to include appropriate relationship dropdowns.
DX Dataset Column Display Type properties enhanced to allow 'Last Row' as an option non-numeric fields.
m-Power enhanced to allow templates with lists to set max limit of rows returned.
m-Power enhanced to add logging to Tomcat logs when a Task Group fails.
m-Power interface improved to better support last page navigation from the data selection screen.
Issue resolved where the 'Where Used' Reports were not correctly generating for External Objects with object names greater than 10 in length.
m-Power messaging utility improved to better support high loads of messaging.
Grid Update Maintainer improved to better support radio buttons with field aliases.
Multiple Source Validation feature enhanced to have secondary validation sources use their own encryption methods.
Messaging Utility date parameter help link improved to open in a new tab.
Messaging Utility improved to better support mapping fields to a maintainer in another dictionary.
m-Painter enhanced to support email type URL links.
Messaging and scheduled tasks improved to support task group names containing an ampersand character.
Grid Update Maintainer issue fixed where browser scrolling stopped working when AJAX submission was enabled and form was submitted.
m-Power 'Merge Data to PDF and Send via Email' task improved to default PDF automatically as the output format.
m-Power Dashboards improved when attempting to save a default dashboard layout containing a large amount of content.
m-Power improved when attempting to select an External Object location in a DX Retrieval Dataset.
m-Power improved to increase the amount of applications that may be added to a user-defined dashboard.
Improved Tomcat logging for m-Power applications that support REST services.
Bootstrap maintainer conditional visibility improved to better support comparing against fields beginning with a single character followed by an underscore 'X_XXX'
Improved to better handle embedded database connections when run in server mode.
m-Power enhanced to allow developers to, graphically, link conditional logic to actions of their maintenance apps to help with common needs. For instance, developers can take advantage of this feature if they want to conditionally call a Task group when a maintainer is executed, but only if certain conditions are met. This feature is intended to replace the Business Rules Designer.
m-Power enhanced to allow developers the ability to specify, during Data Dictionary creation, whether they want to start from scratch or if they prefer to copy an existing Dictionary. Choosing this option will automatically copy all registered tables, fields, and synonyms to the new Data Dictionary.
m-Power enhanced to allow developers the ability to transition elements through a workflow. Examples of this include managing the lifecycle of an order or a hotline ticket. Users will love this feature as it increases visibility as well as ease of use for working with these statuses. Developers will love the precision and flexibility that this feature gives them in implementing these Status transitions.