m-Power Customer Portal

October 24, 2018 Update Details

19 Total Items
Bootstrap applications improved when adding multiple modal windows to the page.
m-Painter updated to include new button themes for bootstrap dictionaries.
m-Power applications improved in cases where object descriptions were not appropriately showing in the External Objects screen.
m-Power interface improved to catch for non-compiled DX data models when assigning to a role.
m-Power bug corrected that caused newly built Bootstrap applications to fail being responsive as well as the form layout functionality to stop working within m-Painter.
Interactive Report improved when using alias fields as sequence keys.
Bootstrap column reorder dropdown improved to only display fields that have been set to display.
Parent and Child maintainers improved when the the 'Add Action Mode' property was set to 'Add not allowed' in the Parent maintainer.
m-Power improved when using the Selections Dialog window with a modal Lookup Window.
Merge Data to PDF and Save to Server task improved in the Messaging and Scheduled Task utility when the called Merge to PDF Retrieval had an optional filename specified in the application properties.
Single Row maintainer improved when updating records that contain *RIGHTJUST seqeuence key(s).
AJAX validation enhanced to allow pressing the 'Enter' key to submit a form in Bootstrap maintainer.
Reports improved when making additional selections for an Is-in-the-list combobox selection.
m-Power improved when editing the application specifications of custom maintainer templates.
m-Painter improved to better retain added features after implementing AJAX helpers to input fields.
Issue fixed where the 'Record has changed' error would show after submitting with a maintainer using the file upload feature.
Confirmation message when deleting a Business Rule has been updated.
m-Power improved for Oracle 12c installations when registering DATE fields.
m-Painter improved to allow inserting a row above/below the column header row.