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October 3, 2019 Update Details

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Issue resolved where grouped record selections joined by an "OR" clause produced incorrect query results.
Grid Update maintainers improved to prevent cases where refreshing the browser would delete an additional record.
Include Files option from m-Painter improved when including JS files into the HTML source.
Maintainers enhanced to not allow double-clicking to submit multiple records.
Maintainers enhanced to optionally prevent the view action mode as an application property.
m-Power messaging enhanced to encrypt the email/sms password on the server.
Data Explorer improved to better support using dropdowns with fields containing '#' character.
m-Painter improved to better support cut/copy/paste from the Edit menu.
Application History improved to better support application numbers with 4 digits.
Grid Update maintainer improved to better support historical auditing.
Data Upload Maintainer improved to better support uploading to PostgreSQL schemas.
Schema dropdown during table registration improved for PostgreSQL customers.
m-Power improved to allow for larger constant values when mapping an External Object to an application.
Pivot Table improved in Bootstrap dictionaries to include debugging information when 'Enable Debugging' is enabled via Application Properties.
Issue resolved where attempting to create a new project in the Promote to Production utility threw an HTTP 400 error.
m-Power table registration improved to better support MSSQL customers registering tables with underscore characters from non-dbo schemas.
m-Power Regular Report template enhanced to allow more space around the table at runtime.
mrc-map-googev3-files.js (in m-power/mrcjava/mrcclasses/) file updated to ship using SSL (https) by default. Note, this will not affect customers using non-SSL (http) installations of m-Power.
Issue addressed where a particular sequence of record selections would produce invalid options in 'Current App' dropdowns.
m-Power sign-on enhanced to use sid value from postgres server file if SID is blank in license key.
m-Power create/copy application improved to disable accept button while app number validation is occuring.
Maintainer default value for add improved to better support being used with a field alias.
Data Upload Maintainer improved to better support MSSQL customers uploading to tables in non-dbo schemas.
Pie Chart Options improved from graphing wizard when editing the value displayed on individual pie segments.
Calendar maintainer improved to better support using end dates and row level security.
Workflow Designer improved to include horizontal and vertical scrollbars to improve visibility for larger workflow processes.
Workflow Designer- 'Redirect to another page' action improved when redirecting to a Report to allow parameter mappings to runtime record selections.
Workflow Designer improved to always center any editing/action window popup relative to the user screen.
Workflow Designer - 'Redirect to another page' action improved when editing the action to visually retain the application and parameter mapping.
Exporting to Excel in Interactive Reports improved to remove unnecessary HTML code when parsing content to Excel.
m-Power improved to include a user-agent string as an available common Freemarker variable.
Create Table screen in m-Power improved when looking up and manually typing in field definitions during table creation.
Issue addressed in Bootstrap Reports where use of the AJAX Submit property interfered with exporting the report to Excel.
m-Power Data Explorer improved to appropriately export data sets to Excel where field values contained quotations "
Conditional Calculation logic improved when adding multiple conditions (ELSE IF) to a calculation.
m-Power data selection view diagram screen improved to better support non-dbo schemas for MSSQL customers.
m-Power app reports improved to better support displaying conditional calculations in correct order.
m-Power interface improved when editing record selections and changing the selected application field.
Issue resolved where the menu header was occasionally being duplicated in Bootstrap reports.
Issue resolved where the Manage Application Security option in older dictionary menus was producing a blank screen.
m-Power improved to select a default template when copying applications in a dictionary to different application types (ex. Retrieval to Report).
m-Power table/field registration improved to better support MSSQL varbinary fields.
m-Power improved to prevent directory traversal.
Bootstrap List pages improved when displaying values containing '$'.
Maintainers improved when using an alias as a file upload field to appropriately honor the max file size property.
Issue resolved where the update-webxml.bat was not completing successfully.
Table creation in m-Power interface improved for AS/400 connections to prevent duplicated field names from being registered to MRCDCT02.
Maintainers improved when maintaining secondary tables joined over *RIGHTJUST fields.