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September 23, 2020 Update Details

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Issue fixed where using multiple quick lists in dropdown lists resulted in extra blank option values.
Calendar maintainer enhanced to support saved searches.
Issue fixed where the Application Where Used screen would throw a 500 error when viewing "linked Apps" in the diagram.
User Session template improved to better handle situations where fields have mixed cases.
Grid Add maintainer improved to better support fields set to display from the Field Settings screen.
Bootstrap reports enhanced to better support working in dialog/modal windows.
Calendar maintainer enhanced to support historical auditing external objects.
Full Text Search improved to better handle cases of case sensitivity.
Period analysis improved to better handle cases when comparing dates where the current period month has less days than the prior period month.
User session template enhanced to support alias fields.
Pivot Table report enhanced to support using application calculations with period analysis.
Maintainers improved to better handle cases when an alias sequence key presides an auto-sequence key.
m-Power ajax features updated in Sky and Bootstrap dictionaries.
Grid update maintainer improved to better handle working with multiple date fields.
Calendar maintainer template improved to correctly go to the current date view when clicking the "Today" button.
Calendar maintainer improved to display what the user is current filtering on the screen when filtering the app.
Calendar maintainer improved to support the 'Display Filter Above Table' option for Advanced Search oOptions.
Calendar maintainer improved to hide erroneous "Accept" button in view mode.
Interactive report template improved to better support hiding/displaying fields when using the Column Reorder and Period Analysis features.
Messaging and Scheduled Tasks improved to better handle the user of ampersands in the the task group name.
Issue fixed where using a combo box for an in the list runtime record selection would include extraneous characters causing an invalid input.
m-Power interface sign on process improved to better handle cases when Active Directory is used to sign into the interface and a DNS is used in the spring-context file.
m-Power enhanced to include a Filter submit button when utilizing the Advanced Search Row feature.
m-Painter issue fixed where inserting a Freemarker element threw a javascript error.
Create Table feature enhanced to generate DATE fields instead of DATETIME.