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September 6, 2018 Update Details

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Issue fixed where the browser would freeze when trying to sort a Pivot Table Report while using the 'Show All Subtotals' feature.
Issue resolved where the User Defined Views property was not appearing in the Application Properties for new applications.
Maintainers improved when calling a Task Group from the After Actions properties where Skip Database Action is enabled.
Stylesheet editor improved to load in source mode if the GUI mode cannot render from custom code.
Issue caused when joining out on a maintenance application using an alias field has been resolved.
Maintainers improved when editing two records in separate browser tabs.
Issue with graphing + drilldown discovered in previous RC caused links to open in new window. This behavior has since been corrected.
Bootstrap Multiple Row template improved to better support filtering with the Selections Dialog window while utilizing AJAX form submission.
Bootstrap Grid Update Maintainer improved to better support a field set to Display in Field Settings.
Bootstrap Grid Update Maintainer improved to better support paging submitting when utilizing AJAX form submission.
Bootstrap Grid Update Maintainer improved to better support paging when utilizing AJAX form submission.
Issue fixed where not selecting a template would cause an error during compile time.
Interactive Report template improved to allow passing Period Analysis web parameters via the URL.
Manage Application Security improved to display when opt-in security is enabled.
Period analysis improved to better support comparing calculations at runtime.
m-Power interface improved to correctly display copy confirmation message when copying an m-Power developer.
Issue fixed for Oracle customers where connections were not being properly closed from the interface Manage Developers screen.
Combobox improved to better support being used with 'In the list' relationships as a runtime record selection.
Mobile and tablet Pivot Table templates improved to support filtering.
m-Power improved to redirect to the sign on page when the browser session is lost and a user clicks 'Sign Off'.
Data Explorer improved to better support managing/deleting datasets from the interface.
Interactive report improved to better support passing record selections through the URL while the 'Display data on page load' is disabled.
User Defined Views improved to better support changing saved views and outputting to Excel.
Calculation issues discovered in previous RC has been resolved.
Bootstrap applications improved to allow sequence key fields to contain a #.
Issue with Parameter calculations discovered in previous RC that caused HTTP 500 error has been resolved.
Period Analysis runtime record selection improved for the OLAP Pivot Table report template.
m-Power reports improved to allow exporting from Excel within a tablet device.
m-Painter improved when using the Formatting tab to align fields.
Issue resolved with assigning applications to Application Security for MSSQL embedded installations.
m-Power improved to better support required fields in report record selections when using the 'Make Additional Selections' button.
m-Power pagination tool improved when used in conjunction with the Auto-Refresh app property.
Auto Refresh App property improved for refresh durations over 999 seconds
m-Power improved to better support developer privileges for 'All Application Authority' for Oracle customers.
Business Rules Designer improved to better support working in source mode.
Maintainer templates improved to better support sequence keys using format codes with a leading character followed by a dash.
m-Painter form layout improved to better support reordering rows that are off the screen on page load.
Bootstrap Calendar template improved to better support numeric date fields as the start date field.
Bootstrap templates improved to better support importing into widgets.
m-Power improved to support importing an application set to not display data on page load.
Lookup windows in Bootstrap templates improved to better support use on mobile devices.
Dashboards improved when using Check Box List filters.
Dashboards improved to better support multi-choice selections while filtering.
Dashboards improved to function better in Bootstrap dictionaries.
Bootstrap Calendar template improved to better support switching between action modes.
m-Power dropdown application improved to allow users to run dropdown application stand alone to see applicable values.
m-Power improved to allow developers to disable the HTML Linter plug-in used in m-Painter editor, should they not want to see error messages that appear on the left side of the m-Painter editor. This property is a per-dictionary setting that can be found in Admin Menu -> Edit Dictonary Files -> Dictionary Configuration.
Issue fixed where Summary template compile options were not displayed.
Multiple Row Data List template improved when used with AJAX form submission.
New menuing logic improved to better support changing MAJOR groups to MINOR groups and not allowing the selection of itself as a parent.
m-Power improved to better support having multiple dictionaries on different versions of menuing.
m-Power improved to retroactively support server side includes for customers with a reverse-proxy configuration.
m-Power improved to better support filtering with In the Range relationships on DATETIME fields for MSSQL installations.
Grid Update Maintainer improved to support an identity column set a sequence key.
Business Rules Designer logic improved for processes making repeated URL calls.
m-Power improved to better handle registering Timestamp fields
m-Power issue resolved where dictionary logical fields were not displaying at runtime.
Advanced Historical Auditing improved to better handle scenarios where field names do not match between maintenance applications.