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m-Power Roadmap

We are constantly improving m-Power to deliver the features that make it more useful to customers. Please see the following list of enhancements we're planning to deliver in the near future:

Future Development

Full Calendar, Version 5

While m-Power currently supports Full Calendar, we are exploring upgrading to Version 5 to utilize the most up-to-date features provided by this 3rd party. Careful consideration is being made to ensure backwards compatibility for existing calendar applications.

Improved Graphing Wizard

Our development group is planning an overhaul for the graphing wizard within m-Power. Notable improvements include allowing easier and more robust customization of various graphing options. In addition, a previewing panel will be available to see how graph customizations will appear directly within the m-Painter editor.

Promote to Production

First released several years ago, the Promote to Production utility is a workhorse of the m-Power platform. However, overtime, developers have been leaving their feedback on ways to improve the process. Expected out in 2018, the enhanced Promote to Production process will allow developers easier ability to add apps to their projects as they go. Additionally, when the time comes to promote, m-Power will have added logic to better understand which dependent files need to be packaged. Finally, the UI will be improved and streamlined to better fit into the overall m-Power platform footprint.

Signature Capture

This future m-Power project would allow for users to sign a screen on a mobile device that m-Power would electronically save. This saved signature could then later be rendered.

Single Sign on via SAML

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a commonly requested feature. Customers often want to integrate m- power with other systems. Without a single sign on mechanism, users are required to sign in to each system separately. This is often undesirable. There are many ways to implement SSO. However, SAML (Secure Authentication Markup Language) is a standard used in many industries for secure and trusted authentication between systems. Recently we have found that some customers require this standard be followed in order to be compliant with internal security policies. This project aims to provide a configurable interface so that m-Power can share SSO authentication with any other system available via SAML. With a SAML capability, m-Power developers can setup their m-power systems to validate against any other SAML enabled system. With SAML, developers can also enable their other systems to validate against m-power tables and security features.

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