Install Tomcat 7 on the iSeries

With the June 2012 release, m-Power now fully supports the use of Tomcat 7.

Current customers wishing to install Tomcat 7 need to follow the steps listed below:
Note: The following instructions assume an iSeries installation located in /m-power. If this is not your case, please adjust the steps below accordingly.
Note: You must be running the June 2012 update of m-Power or later to run Tomcat 7.

  1. Download Tomcat 7 from mrc by clicking on the following link. Be sure to save/FTP the file within the /m-power folder. (32-bit link)
  2. Stop your current development instance of Tomcat.
  3. Use WRKLNK to rename folder tomcat to tomcat6.
  4. Extract the .zip file downloaded in Step 1 by doing the following:
    Enter QSH
    Run the following command from the /m-power folder: jar -xf
  5. Edit the /m-power/tomcat/conf/server.xml file. Near the end of the document, verify that the docBase for each <Context> is pointing at the correct folder location. Additionally, search for Connector port=8011 and modify this, if necessary to the Tomcat port you were using prior to the upgrade.
  6. Navigate to the /m-power/mrcwebgui/WEB-INF folder.
  7. Delete the web.xml file.
  8. Rename web.xml_tomcat7 to web.xml.
  9. Navigate to the /m-power/proddata/lib folder.
  10. Delete the servlet.jar.
  11. Rename servlet.jar_tomcat7 to servlet.jar.
  12. Open QSH and run the following command from the /m-power directory:
  13. Restart Tomcat

Once you have verified that all is in proper working order, please repeat the steps listed above for the production version of Tomcat.
Note: If you are having difficulties starting Tomcat with your current script located in the /m-power folder, please download this updated version of the and save/FTP the file to the /m-power folder. You may need to modify the file to point to the correct system resources of your server.

Note: Tomcat 7 requires that every application created must exist in the /m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF/web.xml file. Existing applications will automatically be added when the update-webxml(Linux).sh program is run. New applications generated in Tomcat 7 will automatically add the necessary entries to web.xml on compile. However, this will only handle your development instance. For production, one of the following two approaches must be run every time a new program is promoted:

  • Option 1: Run the update-web.xml bat within your production /m-power folder.
  • Option 2: Copy the web.xml file from the development instance of /m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF to the production instance of /m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF

Note: Once you are running Tomcat 7, you will need to keep the web.xml file in m-power\mrcwebgui\WEB-INF updated after applying new updates. After taking an update, rename the web.xml file in m-power\mrcwebgui\WEB-INF to web.xml_tomcat6 and then rename the web.xml_tomcat7 file to web.xml. After doing this, restart Tomcat. This will ensure you are always using the latest version of this file. The web.xml file in m-power\mrcjava\WEB-INF will not be affected by updates and as such does not require any additional steps after taking an update.

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