Bookmarking the Run-Time Sign-On Screen

m-Power now offers the ability for users to bookmark the run-time log-in screen. Beginning with the December 2012 update, users can bookmark the log-in page for their applications. This new feature will fix the 500 error displayed by the browser in the past when trying to bookmark a log-in page.

The steps to implement this new feature are quite simple. Here are the steps:

Step 1: In the server where m-power is installed, inside the Development folder, find: \m-power\mrcjava\WEB-INF\

Step 2: Find the web.xml file. Open the file in a text editor.

Step 3: At the end of the page, but before the XML root closing tag </web-app>, insert the following code:


Step 4: Save and restart tomcat. Test your new bookmarking feature.

Prior to the change, the run time URL for the log in screen looked like this:


After the change, the run time URL for the log in screen will look like this:


After testing the new feature in the Development environment, do not forget to re-do these steps in the Production environment.

If the user then sees an HTML 404 error after the log in, this is most likely due to the fact that m-Power is trying to load this URL: MRCWORLIB.mrcMenu. This occurs because, after logging in, the browser is trying to load the default landing page that ships with m-Power. To fix this, you will need to set up the mrcSignon2.xml file to direct the users to your desired landing page.

To access the mrcSignon2.xml file, go to Admin, then click on: Edit Data Dictionary Files, then click on: Sign On Configuration. This will open the file in text editor mode. Find the line:
<signon_pass pagetype=”url”  > MRCWORLIB.mrcMenu </signon_pass>, here replace the “MRCWORLIB.mrcMenu” with the URL you would like your user to access by default. Most users choose the data dictionary’s mrMenu page.




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