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You can now give your users the option to expand all subtotal levels in your Pivot reports with one click.  By setting the ‘display_subtotal_options’ property to ‘Display subtotal options’ within the Application Properties menu, your users will see this option at runtime.

Enabling Feature on apps created before the August 2015 Update

  1. Open m-Painter and select File -> Open File, checking the ‘Show all Files’ box
  2. Open the .xml file with your report number
  3. On the line before    </Program_Options>     insert the following:
        <display_subtotal_options pdesc="display_subtotal_options" value="1">
           <option value="0">Hide subtotal options</option>
           <option value="1">Display subtotal options</option>
           <comment>Display options to expand/collapse subtotals.</comment>
  4. Save and open up the HMTL in source mode, directly after these lines:
     <div id="select_pane">
                                <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" class="collapse">

    Add these lines:

    <!--<#if page.showExpandSubtotals == 1>-->
                                            <th class="table-title">
                                                <div id="open_all" title="Collapse all">Subtotal Options</div>
                                                <div class="menu_list" id="mode_select" title="">
    <input id="modeSelect" ${modeSelect0} name="mode_select" type="radio" value="99" /><label for="mode00">Collapse All</label><br />
    <input id="modeSelect" ${modeSelect1} name="mode_select" type="radio" value="1" /><label for="mode01">Show All Subtotals</label></div>

  5. Save and run your report

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