Handling iSeries password expiration in m-Power App

In the event you are authenticating your m-Power applications against an iSeries profiles, you may come across the scenario where your user’s profile is about to expire. The feature described in this document will allow the user to update their iSeries password through a web application. To implement: Place mrcChangePswd.html in the appropriate Data Dictionary … Continue reading Handling iSeries password expiration in m-Power App

Multi-values Checkboxes

m-Power maintenance applications have long supported Checkboxes as input values. One complaint of this feature, however, was that these values could only support one value at a time. This document will explain how the main m-Power maintenance templates (Single Row Maintainer and Display & Maintain Rows) can be configured to support multi-value checkboxes. To implement: … Continue reading Multi-values Checkboxes

Formatting Cells in Excel Output

m-Power Reports and Retrievals allow users to export their data to Excel, a very popular feature of our platform. Occasionally, some developers desire to have the ability to control what formatting options their data has within Excel. For example, some users want their numeric data to be formatted as text when outputted to Excel. Developers … Continue reading Formatting Cells in Excel Output

Converting m-Power Stylesheets to use Sass

With the March 2016 update, new dictionaries now use an upgraded stylesheet, compiled with a CSS pre-processor known as Sass. This gives developers an easy interface for changing certain styles, the ability to manage multiple stylesheets, and the ability to use any Sass syntax when customizing stylesheets. More information on this feature can be found … Continue reading Converting m-Power Stylesheets to use Sass