NFL Thanksgiving Day Statistics 

Did you know that Thanksgiving Day football games date all the way back to 1920? We've compiled all game and team statistics dating back to that time and created some web applications that display game scores and team records. You can view each one below. All applications were created with the m-Power Development Platform .

Thanksgiving Day Scores
Thanksgiving Games (1920-2021)

This application lists all NFL games that have been played on Thanksgiving Day dating back to 1920. Drill down into each team to see Thankgiving games specific to that team.

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Teams on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Team Records

This application lists all team records (Win/Loss/Tie) for games played on Thanksgiving day. Drill into each team to view more information and Thanksgiving day records for that team.

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Thanksgiving Stats
Thanksgiving Day Ranking Report

This report lets you rank teams by Thanksgiving day appearances, wins, losses, and ties.

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