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m-Power at a Glance

m-Power is low-code development platform that lets you develop web/mobile applications without coding. Here's how it helps you:

Deliver applications at the speed of business

m-Power's visual build process lets anyone create and deploy applications in minutes.

Solve multiple challenges with a single platform

Customers use m-Power for projects ranging from reporting to modernization to portals and everything in between.

Use m-Power across your entire business

With no user fees and an intuitive interface, m-Power is the development platform for your whole business.

The m-Power Interface

What do customers say about m-Power?

Easily the best technology investment I’ve made in my 20+ year career.

John Perrin, CIO at The Farner-Bocken Company

m-Power does what no other software on the market can do; keep our legacy systems and allow us to customize the software to meet our unique needs. All this over a web browser. Brilliant!

Sharon Hadley, Systems Analyst at Pearl Buck Center

m-Power created our order entry application, provided our business intelligence, created an on-line portal, and solved workflow requirements. All of this in the hands of our existing 2-person IT team.

Paul Scyner, IT Manager at Daiwa

Now, we can actually build applications in hours instead of weeks.

Hayes Howard, CEO of ComPair Data

Our return on investment is way beyond what was originally conceived because there are whole new areas to which it can be applied.

Alan Briggs, IS Director at General Binding Corporation

How do other businesses use m-Power?

Automate Business Processes

Pearl Buck Center created a custom solution that eliminated data re-entry and saved 9 days every month.

Speed up Web App Development

ComPair Data brought their development in-house and reduced development time from weeks to hours.

Extend Their Existing Systems

Showplace Wood Products built mobile/tablet apps over their existing ERP system, bringing ERP data to their shop floor.

Deliver data across the business

Renzi Foodservice connected disparate systems and provided business users with a clear view of their data.

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What can you build with m-Power?

m-Power builds any web application you need. Here are a few types of solutions commonly built with m-Power:

See m-Power build an application over your data in just 60 minutes

Who uses m-Power?

m-Power is the web application development platform for your entire business. Hover over each image to learn how m-Power helps different job roles

Business Analysts

m-Power helps Business Analysts quickly create applications for users and mock up complex applications for the IT department.


Developers can create new applications in minutes, and even train m-Power to generate applications to their exact business specifications.

End Users

m-Power helps end users create reports, dashboards, and simple applications in minutes, without going through the IT department.

IT Leaders

m-Power helps IT leaders deliver secure data access to the business, extend the life of their current systems, and improve IT productivity.

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