Expiring Password for AS400 User Profiles

For customers who utilize m-Power over an AS/400 database, mrc recommends utilizing a JDBC username that is set to have a password that does not expire. However, certain organizations do not permit this option.

When a password is nearing its expiration date, the AS/400 is designed to prompt the user to update his or her password. However, the AS/400, by default, is unaware if a user is connecting via a terminal connection or via a JDBC connection. The issue is that a JDBC connection is unmonitored and does not support prompted interaction.

m-Power will attempt to run an application (whether that is a run-time application or the m-Power interface), and while it is trying to connect to the database, the AS/400 is awaiting a response for your updated password credentials. In the end, it appears that your system is simply unresponsive and has hung.

However, there is a JDBC connection property that will solve the problem.  This property is called “prompt” and setting it to false will bypass these expire issues.  To do so, add “property=false” to your JDBC connection property string.

When sign-on security is enabled for generated apps, if the app is authenticated by the AS400 user profile, modify the correct JDBC connection in this file:
to append the property:

When logging onto the m-Power interface, set this file:
connection_properties=translate binary\=true;naming\=system;prompt\=false

If your main m-Power user’s password expires, then also change file:
to append the property:

Note: It is strongly recommended to set your main m-Power user’s password to never expire.

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