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Since 1981, we've focused exclusively on creating the perfect application development software. The result: m-Power, a low-code platform that combines development speed with unmatched flexibility. It's built to fit into your current technology and work the way you work. It’s unlike other low-code tools out there, and that’s on purpose.

When you choose m-Power, you get:

Full customization

Customize your web applications to fit your exact business specifications. Add custom business logic, integrate with other tools, or even customize at the code level.

An extendable platform

With m-Power, you're never limited by what's available out of the box. You can extend your applications with custom features or tie into third-party tools using APIs.

A multi-purpose platform

m-Power automates business processes and builds all types of enterprise web applications. Create portals, CRM systems, reports, database front-ends, and anything in between.

Unmatched speed

m-Power's unique build process creates applications in minutes and reduces development time by 50-80%. With a 'code-optional' approach, anyone can build with m-Power.

Future-proof architecture

Built on open architecture, m-Power works with any database/system, integrates with existing technology stacks, and runs on-premise or in the cloud.

No lock-in

m-Power generates standard code using the same technologies developers already use. Applications run independently of m-Power and can be maintained outside of the platform.

No hidden fees

m-Power will not become more expensive over time, like many other low-code tools. With no user, application, or distribution fees, m-Power scales easily across your entire business.

Built-in security

m-Power applications come with enterprise-class security baked in. Manage access with features like user permission control, multi-tenant security, application security, and much more.

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Customer Interviews

Watch these video interviews to hear what other customers think about the m-Power Development Platform.

The m-Power Advantage

m-Power is built to help modern businesses meet their biggest challenges, while eliminating the drawbacks of traditional development tools. With m-Power you can:

Accomplish more (with your current resources)

m-Power's unique "code-optional" build process appeals to all skill levels. End users can create web applications without coding, while developers can create web applications with as much customization as needed.

Since m-Power has no per-user fees, it's truly a tool that can help your entire organization. Both technical and non-technical users can user m-Power to deliver solutions on the fly (when the business needs them), in a fraction of the time using a fraction of your resources.

Accomplish more with your current resources

Create applications that perfectly fit your business

Most low-code tools deliver development speed and simplicity...with some compromises. Namely, they usually don't allow much (if any) customization and you're stuck with whatever features come out of the box.

m-Power is different. It still delivers low-code speed and simplicity...without the compromises. You can customize your applications however you wish (even at the code level). You can extend your applications with any features that you require. With m-Power, you can create applications that perfectly fit your business.

Bridge the skills gap

Fill the gaps in your existing systems

Are you stuck with legacy systems? Or, are you using enterprise software (like an ERP) that doesn't quite fit your business? m-Power can help.

m-Power augments your existing systems, letting you deliver use cases to the business that your canned software can’t provide. Clients often use m-Power to create custom features over their ERP system (like reporting, mobile apps, etc...). The best part: m-Power lets you add custom features without altering the underlying system.

Fill gaps in your existing software

Deliver many solutions from a single platform

When you combine all of the software packages your company uses, how much are you paying in user fees? m-Power can help lower that number.

m-Power delivers all types of solutions, and doesn't charge user or distribution fees. Create custom reporting solutions, CRM systems, dashboards, mobile apps, and much more without paying anything extra. Our customers even use m-Power to replace entire software packages--eliminating user fees in the process.

Deliver many solutions with m-Power

We are really able to fine tune m-Power to match our business processes. You just can’t get that from out-of-the-box software.

Sharon Hadley, Systems Analyst at Pearl Buck Center

m-Power could create our order entry application, provide our business intelligence, create an on-line portal, and solve workflow requirements. All of this in the hands of our existing 2-person IT team.

Paul Scyner, IT Manager at Daiwa Sports

Easily, the best technology investment I've made in my 20+ year career.

John Perrin, CIO at Farner-Bocken Company

This (m-Power) is a product that I've been looking for, for 30 years, because it checks every box that I wanted in terms of a highly productive development environment without having to build a whole development staff.

Robert Reeder, CIO & VP of Technology at Henley Enterprises

If I've got one regret when it comes to m-Power, it's that I didn't find it sooner. This is an application I would have loved to have earlier in my career.

Case Escher, Employee Services Consultant at The Partners Group

Learn how m-Power can help you

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Learn how m-Power can help you

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