mrc's Services

We aim to make our clients as successful and self-sufficient as possible. From our experienced consultants, to our comprehensive training courses, to our expert tech support, we strive to not only meet, but exceed every client's expectations. Please find more information on our services listed below:

Project Consulting

Need a development project completed quickly? Our consultants use m-Power to rapidly develop web applications, giving them an enormous advantage over traditional developers.

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Staff Consulting

Would you like an m-Power expert in-house, but can't afford to hire a new employee? Our staff consulting services provides an in-house m-Power consultant at your disposal.

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Are you looking for direct help on a specific project, but would like to complete the task yourself? Our mentoring program is just what you need.

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Every class is taught by an m-Power expert and includes extensive hands-on training to ensure that each attendee will be successful with m-Power.

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What do clients say about us?

mrc's service is fantastic. I've never known a company this efficient. It is the complete opposite of every other company we've dealt with.

Paul Scyner, IT Manager at Daiwa Sports

mrc is a great company to work with! They are customer centric and interested in seeing their customer’s projects flow smoothly.

Jon Cantrell, Boise Paper Holdings LLC

Rick was a great trainer, probably the best I have experienced in my 20+ years in IT. He adjusted the course to meet our needs, tailored the speed to meet our technical abilities, and was very responsive to our needs/goals.

Scott Gill, Universal Truckload Services

I have worked with many consultants as an IT executive. Brian is one of the most talented individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with.

David Gillhouse, Bimba Manufacturing