Auto-Refreshing m-Power Applications

Throughout your time as an m-Power developer, you may have a desire to have some of your applications automatically refresh their data without user intervention. This may be useful in a variety of settings, including:

  • -A list of open work orders, displayed on the shop floor.
  • -An executive dashboard that monitors key financials.
  • -New sales leads
  • -High priority incoming tickets

In short, auto-refreshed applications are applicable in any scenario where users need to quickly see new information without directly interacting with the application.

To configure this option, open the “Application Properties” dialog. Scroll down within the “Program Options” tab, and enter the refresh rate by entering a value (in seconds) for “auto_refresh”.

Note: This feature is supported in the following templates: Web 2.0 Multiple Record Inquiry Servlet, Web 2.0 Report, Web 2.0 Report with Graph, Web 2.0 Ranking Report with Graph, Cross Tab Report, Display and Maintain Rows, and the Display and Maintain Row Calendar.

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