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Enterprise web application development software

m-Power web application development demo video

m-Power is a web application development platform that lets anyone create data-driven enterprise web (and mobile) applications without programming. Here are three reasons businesses love m-Power:

  • Reduces web application development time by 80%
  • Lets non-technical users create data-driven web apps
  • Runs anywhere--on-premise or on the cloud
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What can you build with m-Power?

m-Power lets you build nearly any type of web application, from Business Intelligence to mobile apps to eCommerce and everything in between. Here are just a few types of applications that are frequently built with m-Power:
Business Intelligence Web Reports Cloud-Ready Apps Business Dashboards Mobile applications eCommerce Scheduling Apps ERP Enhancements Many more...

Who uses m-Power?

The short answer: Anyone
The long answer: m-Power is one of the most flexible development platforms available. It's used by all types of companies for all types of purposes, and offers a unique set of benefits depending on your goals or skill level. Here are four of the most common types of m-Power users. Select each option to see how m-Power helps each type in different ways.
ISVs IT Staff Business Units Consultants

Why use m-Power?

Why do companies of all sizes use m-Power on a daily basis? Here are a few reasons:

  • m-Power lets anyone develop web applications
  • m-Power helps IT organizations meet impossible project deadlines
  • m-Power lets business units build web apps without bothering IT
  • m-Power reduces development time by 80%
  • m-Power runs anywhere--on the cloud or on premise
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Free Educational Events!

Do you want to learn how m-Power can help you solve pressing business issues? We hold regular demos, training sessions, and webinars geared to help you understand m-Power and its capabilities. Check out the event calendar to learn more.

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A few happy customers

What are people saying?

  • "m-Power has given me and the company the ability to do things that we have never been able to do. Reports that would take months to get from programming requests can now be run in minutes!"
    Alex Hodschayan
    MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.
  • "I am amazed at how easy it is to perform application development. m-Power has automated many of the difficult tasks of application development."
    Guy Ulmer
    Transparent Container Company
  • "[m-Power] consistantly delivers when I need to do serious application development in very short order."
    Stan Brewer
    Boise Paper Holdings, LLC
  • "[m-Power] has streamlined our operations and given us the ability to make decisions in seconds or minutes instead of hours or days."
    Josh Wolfe
    Medline Industries, Inc.
  • "It blows me away how easy [m-Power] is to use."
    Jose Morales
    GL Veneer Company, Inc.
  • "Everyone I've met and worked with have been extremely nice, helpful, and the commitment to excellence is evident."
    Brooke Ducey
    Marietta Corporation
  • "Quick and easy reports, and the ability to delve deeper if necessary in the same tool is unusual to see. [m-Power] seems to deliver both options."
    Jay Lee
    Showplace Wood Products
  • "The latest version of mrc is a great tool that will cut down on deployment time. I am very pleased with Rick as a trainer. I know we will see results in less than one week."
    Conley Moore
    Prettl Electric Corporation
  • "I really appreciate your hospitality and responsiveness. GL Veneer will really benefit from this purcahse. We will FINALLY have the tool we need to improve our business visibility."
    Walter Otto
    GL Veneer Company, Inc.
  • "Our return on investment is way beyond what was originally conceived because there are whole new areas to which it can be applied."
    Alan Briggs
    General Binding Corporation
  • "After looking at all our options, mrc was the one tool that not only allowed us to create all of the different Java servlet applications we wanted, but it also took out all of the backbreaking labor."
    Jean Patterson
    Northwest Door

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