Deliver web apps 80% faster

m-Power's template-driven interface lets you develop apps in minutes

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Create anything

m-Power builds any type of web (and mobile) app you need, like BI apps, reporting apps, dashboards, B2B apps, and more.

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Install and deploy anywhere

m-Power runs anywhere: Use it as a hosted solution or install it on-premise.

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Build enterprise web apps without coding

m-Power's point-and-click interface lets you build web (and mobile web) without programming

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The m-Power Platform

Application Development for Everyone

m-Power is a web application development platform that lets anyone develop enterprise web (and mobile web) applications.

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How m-Power helps software vendors

Application Software Vendors face the difficult task of selling the same software to different companies--no two of which are the same. In this demo, you'll learn how m-Power lets application software vendors quickly augment their product to meet every prospect's exact requirements, and adapt to their customer's changing needs.

Webinar: Creating dashboards with m-Power

In this demo, we'll walk you through the process of creating a user-defined dashboard with m-Power. The user-defined dashboard lets each user customize their dashboard with the data they need to see.

Webinar: Pivot Table Introduction

Have you ever heard of a Pivot table but weren't entirely sure what they were or why you would use them? This Webinar walks you through the finer points of what a Pivot table is, how to build and customize one, and why you might want to use one at your shop.

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