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Creating Toggle Switches in Bootstrap applications

As of the December 2018 m-Power update, Bootstrap dictionaries support the use of Toggle Switches.  To implement these, you must be using a Maintainer application. This post will walk you through how to add this to your maintainer form: In the Field Settings tab of your maintenance application, find the field that you would like … Continue reading Creating Toggle Switches in Bootstrap applications

Multi-value AJAX Cascading Dropdowns

Occasionally when working with multiple dependent Cascading Dropdowns, there may be instances where you need to pass multiple values to a subsequent drop-down. Remember that AJAX cascading dropdowns by default only look at the dependent field from the previous dropdown to populate the valid values. Take for example a Report with three cascading drop-downs. One … Continue reading Multi-value AJAX Cascading Dropdowns

Compile Options- Advanced Search

In templates that support a list view (Multiple Row Data List, Display and Maintain Rows, Grid Update), developers have a few configuration options for how they would like their users at run-time to search and filter application data. When building an application, these options are listed in the Application Settings tab, particularly at the very … Continue reading Compile Options- Advanced Search