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Handling iSeries password expiration in m-Power App


In the event you are authenticating your m-Power applications against an iSeries profiles, you may come across the scenario where your user’s profile is about to expire. The feature described in this document will allow the user to update their iSeries password through a web application.


  1. Place mrcChangePswd.html in the appropriate Data Dictionary folder: /mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/DATA_DICTIONARY. You can find this file in /m-power/mrcjava/mrcclasses/
  2. Note: You may edit this file to customize the style and appearance to match your dictionary.

  3. Open the mrcSignon2.xml in /WEB-INF/classes/DATA_DICTIONARY and add the following code (in bold) directly before </group>: <checkPasswordExpiration pdesc="checkPasswordExpiration" value="1" />
  4. Restart Tomcat
Updated on August 10, 2023

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