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Reducing Tomcat 9 Logs

Many of you who have installed or are using Tomcat 9 may have noticed the size of your Tomcat log files have increased significantly. There are thousands of lines which start with the following:

org.apache.tomcat.util.scan.StandardJarScanner.processURLs Failed to scan [file:/.../m-power/tomcat/lib/derbyLocale_cs.jar] from classloader hierarchy
java.io.FileNotFoundException: ...\m-power\tomcat\lib\derbyLocale_cs.jar (The system cannot find the file specified)

You can remove these warnings by editing a tomcat configuration file. On the m-Power server open /m-power/tomcat/conf/catalina.properties. Search and find the following line:


Add “derbyLocale*.jar,\” line immediately below, like so:


Save and restart Tomcat. Once restarted, the previous warning messages will no longer appear in the logs.

You may do this in development and production or any other Tomcat 9 installations you may have.

Updated on May 19, 2023

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