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Joe Stangarone is a 30+ year veteran of the IT industry and president of mrc—the software company behind the award winning development platform, m-Power. Joe shares his leadership and technology insights through the Cup of Joe Blog, focusing primarily on ways businesses can save time, money, and increase productivity using technology.

5 warning signs that Shadow IT lurks in your company

EducationSummary: A growing trend, “Shadow IT” is a term used to describe IT systems and solutions built and/or used inside organizations without the approval of the IT department. This could include anything from employees emailing spreadsheets back and forth to entire departments licensing third-party, cloud solutions behind IT’s back. The problem: Since Shadow IT usually happens on the sneak, IT departments don’t know where (or how much) it’s happening. Is Shadow IT lurking in your business? Read this article to learn the warning signs.
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8 questions to ask before developing applications on the cloud

EducationSummary: It’s a growing trend in the business world: More application development is moving to the cloud. More developers are opting for cloud-based development platforms, and more businesses are moving their application development off-site and onto a cloud host. The problem is, many make the move without understanding how the cloud changes development. In this article, we explore a few of these changes and outline important questions to ask before making the move.
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5 tips to maximize your IT department’s value

EducationSummary: As technology continues to evolve and play a larger role in business, more pressure gets placed on IT. However, many IT departments are already overworked. How can IT departments meet these growing demands with their current resources? How can businesses get more out of their existing IT department? In this article, we explore a few ways to accomplish these goals.
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B2B Software vendors: A simple way to boost profits

EducationSummary: As an application software vendor, why don’t you close every qualified prospect and retain every customer? While the reasons vary, it generally boils down to a simple fact: You’re in the difficult position of selling the same software to different companies–no two of which are the same. You can’t fit every prospect’s exact requirements, or adapt to every customer’s changing needs. But…what if you could?
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5 more trends shaping mobile app development in 2017 (Part 2)

EducationSummary: Despite low adoption to date, mobile app development is picking up steam in the business world. Organizations have recognized that they must adapt their existing apps to mobile devices, and create applications for the employees and/or customers. In this article, we explore more of the biggest trends that will impact enterprise mobile development in the coming year.
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