Introduction to m-Power


What is m-Power?

m-Power is software which automates enterprise web application development and modernizes legacy business applications. m-Power reduces web application development time, lowers development costs, and increases productivity.

m-Power is an application development tool. It is used by business people and developers to create data-driven Web applications. It takes your design specification and turns it into a compiled program. To illustrate what this means to you, let's consider the steps for creating a conventional program.

Conventional Programming Steps:

  • Design the application
  • Manually write the program
  • Compile the program
  • Correct errors
  • Recompile the program
  • Test the program
       These steps are repeated often
  • Correct errors revealed by testing
  • Re-compile the program
  • Re-test the program
       These steps are repeated often

With m-Power, all you need to do is design the application, and m-Power takes care of the rest. m-Power writes all of the necessary code for you from well-architected J2EE Java templates. m-Power also minimizes the time needed for testing because the code is generated automatically from pre-tested templates. Thousands of m-Power users have already used the templates to create thousands of their own programs.

Learn more about m-Power

mrc recommends these steps to learn about m-Power:

  1. View the short m-Power Introduction Video.
  2. Visit the Products section of the mrc website.
  3. Take m-Power for a quick Test Drive.
  4. Contact an mrc salesman to discuss your specific needs.

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Created: January 20, 2010 | Modified: December 27, 2011