Enhance Your Enterprise Systems

m-Power lets you breathe new life into your existing systems. Using a unique "extend-and-surround" approach, m-Power builds all types of new features and capabilities over your existing enterprise system (like mobile apps, web reporting, BI apps, portals, and much more.)

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Why choose m-Power to enhance your enterprise systems?

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Case Study

Raleigh Bicycles builds a custom extranet over their ERP system

Read this case study and learn how Raleigh Bicycles used m-Power to build a custom extranet that integrated with their new ERP system.

  • Created a custom extranet faster than it would've taken to deploy a generic, off-the-shelf solution.
  • Completed the entire project in 3 months.
  • Delivered a custom extranet to their exact specifications without touching the underlying ERP code.
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Learn how m-Power can help you

21 ways m-Power will improve your enterprise systems

Locked into an old enterprise system? This guide is for you. It outlines m-Power’s unique approach to enterprise system integration, and explains what types of modern features it lets you add to your existing system.

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Enhance your ERP system with web reports, mobile apps, and more

m-Power lets you build new applications over your ERP system, like mobile apps, web reports, BI, and more. m-Power apps integrate directly with your ERP system without altering the underlying code. View video