mrc Partnerships

Interested in partnering with mrc? We offer five different partnership option, which you can learn about below:

Application Software Vendor Partnerships

What if you could meet your prospect's exact requirements? What if your software could adapt to your customer's changing needs? We created the Application Software Vendor Partnership Program with those goals in mind. It's designed to help you:

  1. Close a higher percentage of qualified prospects: Application software vendors who join our partner program can use m-Power--our web application development platform--to quickly address weaknesses in their software and make it fit every customer's exact requirements. This helps you create an offering completely tailored to the prospect’s needs, giving you a far better chance of closing the deal.
  2. Keep customers on maintenance longer: When packaged with your existing software, m-Power lets your customers augment your software with web applications to fit their ever-changing needs. This lets your software stay current longer and grow as your customers grow--helping you retain more customers on maintenance.
  3. Adapt to current and future trends on the fly: m-Power adds a tactical aspect to application software—letting vendors augment their software with new features and capabilities as needed. Using m-Power, application software vendors can adapt their software to current and future technology trends as they happen.
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Are you an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that doesn’t yet offer a cloud or SaaS solution? We can help. A partnership with mrc gives you the tools and experience needed to make a painless transition to the cloud.

We offer customized training, advanced support, and access to our award-winning development platform, m-Power. With m-Power, you can create a complete SaaS offering, or just enhance your current software with cloud-based applications, like mobile apps, BI applications, end user reporting, and more. Additionally, you will also enjoy m-Power’s unique licensing structure, which lets you:

  • Distribute applications for free: We don't charge user fees, run-time fees, or distribution fees. That means you can build and distribute m-Power applications to as many customers as you want—all without paying any extra fees!
  • White-label your applications: Customize and re-brand any applications you create, so they seamlessly integrate with your current software. With m-Power, you have complete control over the look and feel of embedded applications.
  • Resell m-Power: Reselling m-Power to your current customers not only brings in extra revenue, it helps you retain customers. Here’s how: m-Power lets your current customers extend and surround your software package with new and modern features...without altering your software at all! This helps your software stay current and useful longer, gives your customers the features they want, and doesn’t affect their ability to take new upgrades.
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m-Power-built applications carry no fees for deployment and no run-times. That means, as an mrc consulting partner, you can create and sell your own standalone applications whether they are custom to a client, or distributed commercially, all without additional fees from mrc.

You can also modernize the solutions you currently sell and expand your sales to include other platforms (Linux, Unix, System i, Windows), again with no added costs.

You can even tack on the perks of an mrc sales partnership as well by distributing report-writing and Business Intelligence aspects of m-Power to help your customers achieve a custom fit.

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The mrc sales partnership takes on different scopes depending on your company's strategic goals and product focus.

You can run the gamut from a simple strategic business alliance to engaging in formal distribution based on pre-negotiated licensing, consulting commission-structure, to private-label partnerships, and anything in between.

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Sign up today to be an mrc marketing partner. It's as easy as a phone call. mrc marketing partnerships can encompass any (or all) of the following:

You can engage in cross-promotion, pool marketing dollars, package your software with m-Power, or m-Power with yours, sponsor co-branded Web-based Seminars, make a big splash at a trade show, and much more!

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Current Partners

IBM Logo

IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and offers infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft is a computer technology corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of software products for computing devices.

Redhat Logo

Red Hat is an open source technology solutions provider and a major linux distribution vendor.

oracle Logo

Oracle specializes in developing and marketing enterprise software products - particularly database management systems.

FMS Logo

FMS Solutions develops financial management technology solutions tailored specifically to the retail grocery and independent supermarket industry.

The Symbolic Group Logo

The Symbolic Group is an information technology consulting firm providing midrange AS/400 and Windows consulting, design, programming, and training services.

bfc Logo

BFC Associates provide consulting and software products for warehouse management systems specifically for food distributors.

mbs Logo

MBS Textbook Exchange is the industry leader in wholesale textbook distribution, and the largest used textbook wholesaler and bookstore systems provider in the country.

trinium Logo

Trinium provides enterprise software applications to intermodal/multi-modal trucking companies and fuel marketers/distributors.

Jack Henry Logo

Jack Henry provides specialty banking software for major US banks. It allows banks to provide liquidity (cash) management services to their customers that transcends multiple software accounting applications in an integrated and fluid manner.

compair Logo

ComPair Data is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider who supplies companies involved in international shipping (ocean carriers, porters, third party logistics providers, etc...) with information used to determine schedules, capacity, trade routes, and more.

cleo Logo

Cleo delivers the easiest integration software for applications, partners, cloud, and big data while equipping IT with the administrative control needed to ensure security and high availability. For more than 40 years, thousands of companies of all sizes, from small shops to the largest global enterprises, have trusted Cleo to integrate their critical information workflows.

splice machine Logo

Splice Machine's Hadoop RDBMS is designed to scale real-time applications using commodity hardware without application rewrites. The Splice Machine database is a modern, scale-out alternative to traditional RDBMSs, such as Oracle®, MySQL™, IBM DB2® and Microsoft SQL Server®, that can deliver over a 10x improvement in price/performance. As a full-featured Hadoop RDBMS with ACID transactions, the Splice Machine database helps customers power real-time applications and operational analytics, especially as they approach Big Data scale.