Speedometer Options Tab

This tab provides options specific to the Speedometer Type Charts, include Gauge, Cylinder, Thermometer, and LED Gauge charts. These chart types are Note that all options on this tab may not be applicable to every chart type listed.

Meter Angle

This value sets the angle (out of 360) that the chart uses out of the circle. The default is 180, meaning the chart will only occupy half of the circle. This example shows a 270 degree angle:

Meter Outline Color

This option allows you to change the color of the area at the edge of the meter. The color may be a 6-digit hexadecimal value. Alternatively, you can also click on the color wheel next to the text field to pick a color from a palette.

Number/Color of Scale Marks

These values deal with the tick marks on the chart. You can determine how many of them to have and what their color is.

Show Needle Value? and Needle Color

The Show Needle Value? option determines whether or not the value the needle is pointing at is displayed at the bottom of the chart. The color of the needle may also be adjusted using the Needle Color option.

Updated on October 1, 2021

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