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White Labeling in m-Power DX

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The m-Power Data Explorer supports the use of white labeling. This may be particularly important to you if you wish to rebrand the look of the Data Explorer for your end-users.

At present, five aspects of the Data Explorer are customizable for white labeling, they are:

  1. Splash Image
  2. Header Logo
  3. Header Text
  4. Header background color
  5. Main Menu URL
Figure 1 – End-user view of Data Explorer, with the white labeling options numbered.

To customize these options (all of which are completely optional), please edit your /mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/mrc-runtime.properties file.
Add the five following lines to the file:



  • Enter the necessary image file names for DX_splash_image and DX_header_logo. While any image works, mrc recommends .png images with transparent backgrounds. Both these properties assume the images will be stored in the /mrcjava folder, however you can customize the path to a specific folder within /mrcjava if desired:
  • -Enter an appropriate hex color code for the DX_header_color property, without the leading ‘#’.
  • If you have one main menu that you’d like all users to be taken to when the ‘Menu’ button in the header bar is selected, then utilize the menu_url property. Set this equal to a valid menu location, such as menu_url=DATADICTIONARY.mrcMenu
  • Any changes to the mrc-runtime.properties file require a Tomcat restart so your changes can take effect.
  • You are not required to customize all 4 options. If any option will not be customized, remove the property from the mrc-runtime.properties or keep and uncomment (using a ‘#’ at the start of the line). Any option not explicitly customized will revert back to the default as shown in Figure 1.
Updated on February 22, 2022

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