What is a Retrieval and when should I use it?


A retrieval is an on-screen lookup and should be used in the following cases, rather than a report:

· Large Files — Retrievals function by loading a large file very quickly, but only showing a small subset of data per page. This makes your data load extremely quick.

· On-Screen Lookups — Retrievals come with, pre-loaded, the handy features of Advanced Sort and Advanced Search. This capability allows your users to navigate through records very quickly and very efficiently.

· Smartlinks — While it is possible to pass parameters in a report, the ability within a retrieval is very straightforward. If you are building multiple applications that will pass values to one another, consider using a retrieval.

· Dashboards — Due their flexibility and customizability, consider utilizing retrievals when creating dashboard applications.

· Header/Detail Applications — With the help of Smartlinks, Multi Record Retrievals, and Single Record Retrievals, making header/detail applications are a snap with Retrievals.

· Displaying Data in a Calendar Format — Within the Retrievals Section, there is actually a Calendar Template that will automatically display your data in a calendar format. Click here to find out more.

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Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: November 14, 2014