m-Power Data Views

m-Power Data Views   The m-Power Data View is a feature that allows m-Power administrators as well as developers to pre-define queries at the Data Dictionary level. There are a variety of reasons why one would want to to do this, including: Power users, tired of making the same queries/joins regularly, can setup common queries, […]

Quick Navigation

Quick Navigation Included in the April 2015 m-Power update is a new enhancement that allows you to quickly access any settings page in m-Power. In the top-right hand corner of the interface, next to the current developer signed in is now a lightning bolt icon. Inside this pop-up window, is all of the pages you […]

Manage Data within m-Power

Manage Data within m-Power   The Manage Data section of m-Power is a critical component of your m-Power Data Dictionary. This screen controls many facets of data management, including: Registering Existing Tables to m-Power Creating New Tables Uploading Spreadsheet Data Modifying Table & Field attributes (Description, Format Code, etc) Create Logical Fields Add Database Field […]

Encrypted Password in Datasource File

Encrypted Password in Datasource File The Datasource file contains the connectivity information between m-Power and the database, including the user name and password.  For your security m-Power encrypts the password for each connection, this adds security to your development platform by not displaying the passwords in clear text when opening the Datasource file. The encryption […]

Embedded m-Power Database

Embedded m-Power Database m-Power ships with the ability to configure an embedded m-Power database. The purpose of the embedded database is to conveniently store all m-Power related meta-data outside of your licensed database. m-Power meta-data consists of all of the specifications you make (sequencing, record selection, registered fields, synonyms, etc..) while creating m-Power applications. The […]

Create Your Own m-Power Templates

Create Your Own m-Power Templates   Jump to: Deciding to Make a New m-Power Template Testing your Template Registering Templates to m-Power Understanding m-Power Templates Creating the Template Tips and Suggestions for Success Dealing with Run-Time Files Creating a Template Image Packaging your Template Moving to Production Publishing your Template Other Important Notes Deciding to […]

Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations   Jump to: How to Build an Index Retrievals Basic Example Advanced Example Reports Standard Report Templates with Detail Interactive Report Template & Creating Dropdown Lists from the Current Application Standard Report Templates with No Detail / Interactive Report Template Working with Runtime Record Selections Summaries Maintenance Other Things to Consider This document […]

Understanding the Servlet Properties File for m-Power Templates

Understanding the Servlet Properties File for m-Power Templates   The Servlet Properties File (also known as the mrc_servlet_config.xml file) is instrumental in controlling how your run-time applications connect to the correct database. This file is a data dictionary specific file, meaning that it is applicable only within the data dictionary you are currently in. This […]

Configuring Tomcat to not Reload for Production Tomcat

Configuring Tomcat to not Reload for Production Tomcat   Your application server, Tomcat, comes with a feature called "Reload". Reload is a must in a development environment. After you compile an application or save an application, Tomcat reloads your changes, making them available to you for testing purposes. The downside of this is that at […]

Setting Up m-Power Applications to Handle Development & Production Data

Setting Up m-Power Applications to Handle Development & Production Data   After developing applications, it makes good sense to promote these applications to a production environment. There are many documents that explain how to do that on this site. For example, Set up a production instance. However, this document covers something very different from just […]