Application Calculations

Margin Calculations within Pivot Tables

Margin Calculations within Pivot Tables Pivot Tables offer increased runtime functionality for end-users without requiring heavy customization by developers. While Pivot Tables are easy to use, one common question received is “How can I add runtime calculations to my subtotal and grand total levels?” To do so, begin by creating your Pivot Table as normal, […]

Group by within Reports

Group by within Reports   This document explains how to setup your report applications to take advantage of the Group By functionality and also contains information pertaining to additional configuration options. What is the Group By Feature & why do I want it? The ability to group data by a specific value allows you to […]

Calculation Screen

Calculation Screen Calculation Features Calculation Types Creating Calculations Calculation Features Calculations as Sequence keys and Record Selection fields — Calculations have been designed to take full advantage of SQL. Nearly every calculation is available to use as a sequence field or record selection field. Sequence/Record Selection Availability — The Work-with Calculation screen shows which calculations […]