Application Properties

Global Application Properties

Configuring Global Application Properties As you may know, the majority of an application's behavior is controlled via the Application Properties file, found within each specific application. This design, while giving developers maximum control and flexibility, can sometimes frustrate developers who would like to globally control some of these properties across all of their m-Power applications. […]

Troubleshooting m-Power Applications

Troubleshooting m-Power Applications Debug SQL Statement Occasionally, m-Power developers need to better understand why their m-Power applications are not working as expected. At our technical support hotline, we’ve noticed that two issues come up frequently: Generated applications are not returning the anticipated record set and Dashboard applications do not render as anticipated. To help with […]

AJAX Form Submission

AJAX Form Submission   This feature allows users have the option to submit all forms via an advanced web technique called AJAX. AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript And Xml. This technique submits and returns data asynchronously so the page does not require a reload. Your users will like this feature as it means their interaction […]

Customize Error Messages in your Web Applications

Customize Error Messages in your Web Applications   Many developers want flexibility. Appropriately, they deserve it! One way to get flexibility within your m-Power applications is to customize your error messages. While m-Power generates generic terms such as "Invalid User" or "This record already exists" automatically, you can override these messages to something much more […]

Application Properties Overview

Application Properties Overview While m-Painter allows you to change the look of your applications, Application Properties allows you to control the behavior of your applications. You can access Application Properties two different ways: From the Manage Applications screen, click the gear next to your application and choose Edit Properties. From the "Build & Compile" screen, […]

Override Default SQL Statement

Override Default SQL Statements   m-Power applications allow you to have the ability to manually override the default SQL statement. Some customers wish to do this to be able to fully customize which data is extracted from the database. To do this, build your application as you normally would. In the illustration provided below, we […]