Using Application Preview

Using Application Preview   Beginning with the January 16, 2012 update of m-Power, developers will now be able to see their applications prior to building them. Throughout the build process, developers can watch their application take shape. Each time a change is made, developers can see the change immediately rather than having to compile the […]

Introduction to Mobile Apps

Introduction to Mobile Applications   m-Power allows developers to create applications specifically for PC browser, Tablet, and Smartphone devices. For the user, this means that they can access the same report on their PC, tablet, and smartphone and see a completely different output on each that has been tailor-made for their device. For the developer, […]

m-Power Build Process

m-Power Build Process The m-Power build process has two components: Template Application Specifications The Template is the program shell that controls the functionality and the general layout for the application. The m-Power Application Specifications are the detailed program definitions including, but not limited to: necessary tables, fields, table joins, record selections, work fields, and external […]

Recreate only the Prompt Page of a Report

Note: This method is no longer needed, as m-Power now allows users to choose which screens they wish to overwrite How to Recreate only the Prompt Page of a Report   As you may have already noticed, during compile time, you must either choose to overwrite all HTML outputs or none of them. With the […]

Copy an Application (including m-Painter changes)

Copy an Application (including m-Painter changes)   The m-Power web interface includes a very useful tool that allows you to copy an application. You have a variety of copying choices: Copy an Application of any type to the Same Data Dictionary Copy an Application of any type to another Data Dictionary Promote a Retrieval to […]

Interface Upgrade: Watch your Build Process Live!

Interface Upgrade: Watch Your Build Process Live!   Throughout the m-Power Web Interface product life, when you built a web application you were greeted with the "Rolling Dots" progress bar. While this was useful, we felt it would be much more beneficial for you, as a developer, to know exactly what was happening behind the […]