Conditional Calculations

Calculation Screen

Calculation Screen Calculation Features Calculation Types Creating Calculations Calculation Features Calculations as Sequence keys and Record Selection fields — Calculations have been designed to take full advantage of SQL. Nearly every calculation is available to use as a sequence field or record selection field. Sequence/Record Selection Availability — The Work-with Calculation screen shows which calculations […]

Conditional Calculations

Conditional Calculations   Conditional Calculations are a great tool to be able to customize your application and take them to the next level. Some examples of conditional calculations could be: To control the color of individual data. For instance, you could divide data output into three different color groups: red (for low performing values), yellow […]

Use Field Substitutions within HTML Attributes and Inline Styles

Use Field Substitutions within HTML Attributes and Inline Styles   m-Painter allows field substitution parameters within HTML attributes and CSS styles. This document will help to explain how m-Painter can be used with field substitutions. Some HTML attributes accept any character data as valid; for example, title, alt, and class can be set to any […]