AJAX Helpers

m-Painter AJAX Helpers AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is often used for interacting with a data server through a browser page without needing to refresh. You have already seen AJAX in use with Multiple Record Inquiries. As you enter text into an Advanced Search input box, the page begins to suggest valid data for you! […]

Create Dropdowns in m-Painter

Create Dropdowns in m-Painter   Jump to: Creating Drop-Down Lists from the Current Application Creating Drop-Down Lists from an External Table Creating Combobox Drop-Down Lists Creating Drop-Down Lists in the Interactive Report Template Release Notes This document explains the two ways to implement drop-down lists: From the current application (applies to Retrievals & Reports templates) […]

Adding Additional Functionality to your Calendar Application

Utilizing m-Painter to Create Additional Functionality to your Calendar Application   m-Power's Calendar templates give you many easy opportunities to enhance the view of your basic Calendar Application. In our case, we are going to add the following useful functionality: · Dropdown Lists for Searching · Hover Over Links In our case, we are going […]

m-Painter Manual

m-Painter Manual Introduction m-Painter Toolbar File Menu View Menu Edit Menu Help Menu Insert Tab Inputs Tab Formatting Tab Context Menu Supported Browsers Introduction After building an application, you have the opportunity to open m-Painter and modify the look and the feel of your HTML presentation layer. In addition, you will be able to edit […]