Maintenance Redirection

Redirecting from a Maintainer Occasionally you may want to redirect to another page after a user has performed an action within a Maintenance application (such as Update, Delete, or Add). One of the most common uses of the redirect is after a user fills out a form. Once they have completed and press the "Accept" […]

Parameter Listing

Parameter Listing   m-Power templates allow you, as a developer, to specify numerous parameters at run-time to control the behavior of your applications. Below you will find a complete listing of available parameters. Parameters listed as "Work Fields" indicate that while m-Power uses these parameters, you do not have control to change them. Common Parameters […]

Bypassing the Prompt Page in Reports via URL Parameters

Executing a Report directly from a link and/or URL Usually a report is generated by clicking the "Run Report" button. For most customers, most of the time, this method works well. But there are times when you may need to skip the prompt page and proceed directly to the results page. As you may know, […]

Changing Maintenance Modes via URL Parameters

Changing Maintenance Modes via URL Parameters   When you utilize a Single Record Maintainer, you can set the default mode of the application to be either Add, Update, or Delete. But what if you want an application to add and update, for instance, based on what link a user clicks? Rather than making three separate […]