Application Preview

Application Preview When in the Application Menu, while on the "Additional Options" screen, an Application Preview will be displayed to aid the developer in designing the application. The Application Preview settings can be set via the 'Options' drop-down, located in the top right corner of the preview. Note the three different Application Preview views: Preview: […]

Improving Database Performance

Improving Database Performance   For the most part, applications generated by m-Power are run and executed in a timely fashion. However, there are the odd times when end-users have to wait too long for an application to return a dataset. In the case of slow database performance, an index can be created to significantly speed […]

Performance Considerations

Performance Considerations   Jump to: How to Build an Index Retrievals Basic Example Advanced Example Reports Standard Report Templates with Detail Interactive Report Template & Creating Dropdown Lists from the Current Application Standard Report Templates with No Detail / Interactive Report Template Working with Runtime Record Selections Summaries Maintenance Other Things to Consider This document […]

Improving performance: Cleaning the MRCLDC9A file

Improving performance: Cleaning the MRCLDC9A file   Due to the flexibility of the mrc suite, there are times when the MRCLDC9A file can not automatically delete member files. This can cause performance issues if not cleaned every few years. Here is what we recommend: Take a DSPFD on the MRCLDC9A in the appropriate library by […]