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Display and Maintain Rows Maintenance Template

Display and Maintain Rows Maintenance Template   Jump to: Features Template Notes Runtime Walkthrough Template In-Action Application Properties Web Parameters The Display & Maintain Rows maintenance template is a full-featured web application that allows users to both view their data, as well as modify it one record at a time. The general use for this […]

Validating via Javascript in Reports Source Code

Validating via Javascript in Reports Source Code   <script type="text/javascript"> function validate_form ( ) //Check two dates, DATEORD & DATEEXP in Maintenance application {     valid = true;     if (document.FORM_R00230.R001.value == 0 && document.FORM_R00230.R002.value == 0)     {         alert ( "You have not entered any dates." );         valid = false;     }else if (document.FORM_R00230.R001.value == 0)     {         alert […]

Validate User Input

Validate User Input   When working within an mrc application that allows end-users to input data, it is often necessary to be able to validate the user's input. In most cases, validation is usually necessary within a Maintenance application or the prompt page of a Report. mrc offers the following built in validation types for […]

Utilizing Prompt Maintainers

Using Prompt Maintainers within a Retrieval   The purpose of this document is to explain the process needed to have a user interface in which end-users enter a value on a Prompt page, then are redirected to a retrieval. The retrieval shows them the appropriate information based on the data entered from the Prompt. To […]

Recreate only the Prompt Page of a Report

Note: This method is no longer needed, as m-Power now allows users to choose which screens they wish to overwrite How to Recreate only the Prompt Page of a Report   As you may have already noticed, during compile time, you must either choose to overwrite all HTML outputs or none of them. With the […]

Bypassing the Prompt Page in Reports via URL Parameters

Executing a Report directly from a link and/or URL Usually a report is generated by clicking the "Run Report" button. For most customers, most of the time, this method works well. But there are times when you may need to skip the prompt page and proceed directly to the results page. As you may know, […]