SmartLinks SmartLinks allow you to easily link one application (Retrieval, Report, or Maintenance) to any other application, passing key data automatically. The benefits of this are many, including: You can create applications that allow users to drill from an order header table to order details records. View a list of products and maintain records based […]

Hyperlinking within a Graph

Linking within Graphed Images   The ability to provide hyperlinks within graphs too often goes unnoticed. To see a working example, see our Crazy Bikes demo site (Sales By Year — Business Intelligence). As you can see by following the hyperlink, we have a Ship Year, Units Shipped, $ Revenue, and $ Profit field. I […]

m-Painter Manual

m-Painter Manual Introduction m-Painter Toolbar File Menu View Menu Edit Menu Help Menu Insert Tab Inputs Tab Formatting Tab Context Menu Supported Browsers Introduction After building an application, you have the opportunity to open m-Painter and modify the look and the feel of your HTML presentation layer. In addition, you will be able to edit […]