ETL Feature

ETL Feature    It is well-known that m-Power can run over any database that supports a JDBC connection. In fact, many customers choose to license m-Power to multiple databases in order to create web applications over each database that their business uses. For setups like these, a common question is how to create applications that […]

What is a Summary and when should I use them?

What is a Summary and when should I use it?   A Summary is an application that differs from all other application types because it does not display data on the screen, but rather writes the dataset back to the database in the form of a new table. Generally speaking, end users will never run […]

Parameter Listing

Parameter Listing   m-Power templates allow you, as a developer, to specify numerous parameters at run-time to control the behavior of your applications. Below you will find a complete listing of available parameters. Parameters listed as "Work Fields" indicate that while m-Power uses these parameters, you do not have control to change them. Common Parameters […]

Select an Application Type and Template

Select an Application Type and Template m-Power ships with over a dozen templates which gives you numerous options when deciding how an application should look and function. The first decision is what type of application to create. m-Power defines four general types: Retrievals, Reports, Summaries, and Maintenance Applications. Then, each of those application types has […]

Running Summaries & Reports in Batch

  Improved Batch Options for Summaries & Reports Job Streams   Often times, you may have the desire to run Summary applications or Reports outside of normal business hours or periodically throughout the day. That is, you may wish to automate Summaries to run to populate data-marts throughout the day. Likewise, you might want to […]

External Object Locations

External Object Template Locations   Servlet Retrievals: *CALCOBJ Used with calculation External Objects or Constant calculations. *STRADVSCH Before searching change advanced field values. Convert value for search input then process filter. *ADVRECSEC Row Level Security. Click here for additional information. *READRECRD Call object after each record is processed. *SELECTFLT Used with External drop down lists. […]

Application Properties Overview

Application Properties Overview While m-Painter allows you to change the look of your applications, Application Properties allows you to control the behavior of your applications. You can access Application Properties two different ways: From the Manage Applications screen, click the gear next to your application and choose Edit Properties. From the "Build & Compile" screen, […]