Instructions for Upgrading to Tomcat 9

Instructions for Upgrading to Tomcat 9 Tomcat 9 offers m-Power customers the latest security, performance, and stability improvements. As such this document is designed to give system administrators step by step instructions on how to upgrade from Tomcat 7 to Tomcat 9. Before we begin, please note these instructions are designed for standard installations. If […]

m-Power System Requirements

m-Power System Requirements   Prior to installing m-Power, please be sure that the following requirements have been met. *64-bit servers are highly recommended as they support more RAM than 32-bit servers.* m-Power End-User Client Requirements Web Browser Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 11 or later Microsoft Edge Edge Version 42.0 or later Firefox Firefox Version […]

Tomcat FAQ

Tomcat FAQ    By default, m-Power utilizes Tomcat ¬†as an application server. The purpose of the Tomcat software is to serve as an intermediary between your end-user's requests and your database server. More information about Tomcat can be found here. While the installation of m-Power is straightforward, when it comes to configuring Tomcat, many users […]

Probe Analysis Tool

Probe Analysis Tool   m-Power ships with the Probe Analysis tool. This utility helps advanced m-Power developers and system administrators obtain a better understanding of what system resources are being utilized and how users are accessing the system. This document will outline the most useful aspects of this tool, and also explain how you can […]

Configuring Tomcat to not Reload for Production Tomcat

Configuring Tomcat to not Reload for Production Tomcat   Your application server, Tomcat, comes with a feature called "Reload". Reload is a must in a development environment. After you compile an application or save an application, Tomcat reloads your changes, making them available to you for testing purposes. The downside of this is that at […]

Managing m-Power Installations

Managing m-Power Installations This documentation provides information on configuring m-Power for existing customers using a Windows server. If you are a new m-Power customer, please see the documentation for installing and configuring m-Power for new customers. Customers Updating or Replacing a License Customers Purchasing an Additional License Migrate an Existing Version of m-Power Updating or […]