Field Settings

Using the Field Settings specification, you can delete, reorder, and edit the appearance of fields you have selected for your application.


Deleting a Field

To delete a field from your application, click the “X” referring the field you want to delete. Notice that in the screenshot the Customer Number field cannot be deleted. This is because the field is a dimension key. Any field that is linked to a dimension, external object, calculation, SmartLink, or filter cannot be deleted. You must remove these dependencies before the field can be deleted.

Re-Ordering a Field

Initially, fields will be listed in the order they were added. To reorder fields, click on the reorder icon and drag the field to the desired location. Field order is listed from top-to-bottom. The field at the top will appear first in the finished application, and the field at the bottom will appear last.

Basic Field Attributes

While you cannot use Field Settings to change values or fields in the database, you can change their appearances in the application. Therefore, note that editing in field settings is not global, rather only application specific.

Field Description

This appears in the final application, and inherits its value from its global definition at the dictionary level. Set an appropriate description so that the end-users can understand the field.


Set “Display” if you want the field to appear in the application. Setting “Hide” will allow your application to use the field as necessary (such as in calculations), but not display the field to the end-user.


Set the length of the field. The length includes the decimal places, such that 25.325 has a length of 5.


Set the desired amount of decimal places. A blank in this column indicated your field is character based.


Select the format used to display your date or numeric data. For information on creating your own date or time format, click here.

Filter and Sorting Attributes

Hide Filter

Check this box to remove the ability to filter over this field during runtime selections.

Hide Sort

Check this box to remove the ability to sort over this field at runtime.

Form Input Attributes

Option List

Choose an external Option List Retrieval to have the dataset automatically added to your selections input for this field.

List Type

Choose Dropdown List or Radio Button to be added to your selections input for this field.

User Def

This option has been deprecated.

Updated on September 27, 2021

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