Application History

With the December 2018 release of m-Power, developers will appreciate the ability to view a historical log of application activity. After taking the update and moving forward, m-Power will offer quick details on the action last completed for an application, developer preference of visible columns on the application screens, and a detailed history log of actions performed for each application.

Note: App history will only begin logging application activity after the update is applied.

Upon signing into the interface after taking the update, developers will notice new columns on the application screens.

The new columns will give a quick telling of the last action performed to the application as well as the date, time, and user.

Additionally, developers are now able to select which columns to display on the application screens. Click on the 'Columns' button to select which columns to display.

Once the column selection is applied, the preference is stored in a browser cookie and will be retained for all application screens.

To view the history log for a specific application, go to the 'Build and Customize' screen, find the 'App Reports' button and click on 'Application History'.

On the Application History screen you will find a table at the top. This table will give quick information about when the app was created and by which user. The table will also give information about when the HTML and properties were last modified. The last compile action is also displayed. Finally, the last activity completed and the date it was performed.

Beneath the Application History is the table of History Details.

The details section will keep a running history of all application activity. When a recompile is performed, the changes made will be recorded. When m-Painter is saved, the specific HTML file saved will be recorded. To see the changed HTML file, you can view the version history of the application from m-Painter > File > Versions. The date, time, and user in the versions dropdown will match up exactly to the date, time, and user from the history details screen.

Note: When an application is deleted, the history for that application is also deleted.

Created: December 5, 2018