Adjusting for Right Justified Fields within m-Power Applications


m-Power applications can control for right justified fields. In the past, if you had an 8 and 12 alpha field that we right justified, you would need to build logical fields over these fields so that they each were 8 positions to ensure the correct data was being compared. However, with m-Power applications, you no longer need to create these transportation files to convert your data. Instead, all you will need to do is specify Right Justification on the field in question. To do this, click on the Field Settings link within your application (You can also specify right justification from within the data dictionary level) and select the field in question:

Simply add "*RIGHTJUST" to the Field Description.

Note: At runtime, the *RIGHTJUST will not be included within the skeleton of your HTML.


*RIGHTJUST is a very useful tool at runtime, however it cannot be used to join tables together (if, for instance, one field in the first table is right justified and the field you wish to join on in the second table is left justified). Instead, please see this post on our Tech Blog for instructions on how to join in such a situation.

Created: February 29, 2008 | Modified: October 14, 2013