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Automating m-Power Authentication

The methodology described in this document involves exposed passwords and thus would not be a suitable approach for a customer facing solution. Instead, this document is provided for users wishing to implement for internal use. For clients who wish to implement single sign on for public use, please contact mrc support for additional options.

Occasionally, developers need their users to authenticate to the m-Power server (For row level or menu security) but do not wish to prompt the user to authenticate. Most of the time, this is because the user has already authenticated into another system first. Not wanting the user to duplicate the authentication, developers seek the ability to automating the m-Power authentication.


To achieve this goal, the developer needs to construct a link for the user to click. The link, which would reside outside of m-Power, will allow the end-user to automatically authenticate to m-Power without being prompted.

For instance, I assume that my user has already authenticated into my primary non m-Power portal. I now want my user to click a link that automatically signs them in and directs them to DATADICTIONARY.I00010s. To do this, I will construct my URL accordingly:


(Be sure to replace mpower_username_here and mpower_password_here accordingly)

The parameters necessary have been repeated below for easier viewing:


It is the responsibility of you & your primary portal to determine (and pass) the necessary credentials to m-Power.

For more information on SSO, click here

Updated on September 28, 2021

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