When you start using m-Power, what pieces should be saved for backups? m-Power is simple. It is comprised of one directory named /m-power, installed by default in the application server’s program files:

/m-power (for Windows)
/root/m-power (for UNIX-style OS)

The generated applications are stored by default in a sub-directory:

\m-power\mrcjava\WEB-INF\classes\DD (for Windows)
/m-power/mrcjava/WEB-INF/classes/DD (for UNIX-style OS)

where DD is the Data Dictionary name. If you add “m-power” or “/m-Power” to the backup procedure, that will save the m-Power interface and all generated apps.

The metadata (application specifications) are stored in a derby database folder:

\m-power\derby (for Windows)
/m-power/derby (for UNIX-style OS)

Adding the “derby” location to the backup procedure will ensure all application specs are saved.

In the database, m-Power will create one general schema named MRCAPPLLIB and another for each Data Dictionary to hold the application specifications. MRCAPPLLIB and each Data Dictionary should be added to the backup procedure on the database server.

Updated on September 29, 2021

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