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  • mpower_server: Required for any part of the messaging and scheduled task utility to function. Use ‘https://localhost:PORT’ where PORT is the port number your m-Power is installed on. If your m-Power server references itself by another name such as when using SSL, use that instead of localhost.
  • email_sender: Email account user. This field is required. It controls the ‘From’ address for emails that are sent from the utility. Can be overridden at the task level.
  • email_server: The IP address of your email server.
  • email_user: Email account user. This field is optional, as specifying an email_user property which tells the messaging logic you will use an SSL authenticated email server; this then requires a password.
  • email_password: Email account password. May not be required by email server.
  • email_other: Any other additional logic needed from your email server. Often used when using an SSL authenticated server. May not be required for your email server. For example, gmail uses the following additional logic, ‘mail.smtp.starttls.enable:true’.
  • enable_scheduler: Available values are ‘true’ or ‘false’. Needs to be ‘true’ if any tasks are scheduled. Likely want to disable the scheduler in development, but enable in production.
  • sms_user: SMS relay account user.
  • sms_from: SMS relay ‘from’ phone number.
  • sms_password: SMS relay account password.
Updated on October 30, 2023

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