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Case Sensitivity within Applications

Occasionally, searching in m-Power may result in returning no matching records, despite matching records existing. For example, the value ‘Chicago’ clearly exists within the CITY field in this retrieval. Now, I’ll search for ‘Chicago’. Despite the value ‘Chicago’ existing, matching records are not found. However, if I search for a numeric value, the search returns as expected.

This is a result of case sensitivity. To fix this, we need to look in the SQL Statement tab in Application Properties. Here you will find the caseSensitive property, which has three options. By default, m-Power will change the search value to uppercase. In my example, the record that I was searching for had lowercase letters—but m-Power assumed that I wanted to search in uppercase. This is why no records were returned.

Therefore, I need to select either of the remaining options. If I were to select ‘No case conversion’, my search value needs to be an exact match, including case, to the record in the database. Selecting the last option will change both my database record and my search value to uppercase, returning any records that are a letter-for-letter match regardless of case.

After changing this property to convert both values to uppercase, my search returns the expected record, no matter the case.

Updated on December 8, 2021

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