m-Power Updates

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m-Power updates are available on your mrc Customer Portal. The update will be installed on the m-Power server. After installing, the update will also need to be applied to the development interface.

How to update m-Power running on Windows

  1. Download the m-Power Update.exe from your Customer Portal to the m-Power server.
  2. Run the m-Power Update.exe.
  3. Once completed, click “Finish” which will open the Update Release Notes in your browser. If any additional steps are required, they will be listed here.

Note: If the Update Release Notes are not opened due to server security, view the Update Release Notes here.

How to update m-Power running on Linux OS

  1. Download m-power_update.zip from your Customer Portal.
  2. End your application server.
  3. Install the m-Power updates by unzipping the contents of m-power_update.zip to the directory that contains the m-power folder. For example, if the m-power folder is in a folder named development, you will extract to development. A directory named m-power will already exist from the original install of m-Power.
  4. Be sure to choose to overwrite any existing files.
  5. Start your application server.

How to update m-Power running on iSeries

  1. Download the m-power_update.zip from the Customer Portal.
  2. FTP this file to the root of your AS400.
  3. End your application server.
  4. Install the m-Power updates by entering QSH.
  5. Once in QSH, change to the root directory and run the following command:
    jar -xf m-power_update.zip
    This command unzips the contents of the Update Package.
  6. Exit QSH.
  7. Start your application server.

After Updating m-Power

After updating m-Power from the server, you must also “apply” the update in the development interface. The first time you sign into the interface after installing the update, you will see a notification immediately upon signing in.


Clicking the ‘Apply m-Power Update’ button begin the apply update process. Alternatively, you can manually click the “Apply Update” button. Open the Admin slider –> Version & m-Power Update. On this screen, click the Apply Update button.

If successful, you will see the following screen once the process has completed:

If there were any errors, please contact mrc Support.

This step will only need to be done in development, as your production environment does not have an interface.

To turn off the auto apply update notifications, open the mrctool.properties file located in /m-power/proddata/conf in a text editor. Set the property, check_apply_update, to false. If this property does not exist, it should read: check_apply_update=false.

Updated on September 29, 2021

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