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True Excel vs. Deprecated Excel Output


m-Power Reports utilize a True Excel output format by default (outfmt = 13). Features of this format include:

  1. Elimination of the warning message from Excel when attempting to open an m-Power Report.
  2. Non-formatted (no colors or other HTML mark-up) output. This means that your end-users will see just the data, without any additional design.
  3. Larger file support.


  1. The True Excel output format will only print values that reside within your main output table. This means that any error messages, record selection boxes, or other painting done outside of the main data table will not be included in your True-Excel output.
  2. The True Excel output does support importing applications into your report. If you choose to import an application at the line level, mrc recommends that you utilize custom importing to ensure that no extra mark-up is included in your report. If extra HTML exists, it will distort the layout of your True-Excel document.
Updated on September 30, 2021

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