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What is a Maintainer and when should I use them?


A Maintainer is an application that gives end users direct access to data. Unlike Retrievals and Reports that provide read-only views of data, Maintenance applications give direct write access to authorized end users to provide Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) type applications. Some of the specific functions available with Maintenance templates include:

Management of data tables — Whether adding new records, updating existing records, copying records, or even removing old records, you will need a Maintenance application to accomplish this.

Uploading data to the database — Uploading full spreadsheets to the database in order to use them in Retrievals and Reports can be accomplished with maintainers.

Adding/Updating/Deleting of many records at once — Whether needing to insert many records at once such as in an order entry application, to cleaning/managing existing records, Grid Maintenance templates allow working with many records at once to easily accomplish this.

Integrating m-Power with Email — Email Integration applications allow an Email account to be monitored so new emails can be automatically inserted into the database.

Drag and drop reordering — In tables where order matters, such as a shipment priority table, the Reorder template allows for very easy reordering of records with a simple drag and drop interface.

Updated on October 4, 2021

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